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All export of true rosewood parts beyond the US borders is suspended indefinitely due to CITES listing. These include Brazilian rosewood, East Indian rosewood, African blackwood, kingwood, tulipwood and cocobolo.

Wood switch tips or switch covers for Gibson® Les Paul, LP 3-way toggle switches and Fender® blade pickup selector switches (3 and 5 way). The standard threads are 8-32. Many imported and kit guitars such as Eastman and Warmoth will have metric threads which are M4X0.7 (4mm) or for Carvin®, some Epiphone, PRS "SE" and Schecter® use the smaller M3.5x0.6 (3.5mm). You can sometimes identify the open frame switches by the mounting nut on the top of the guitar. Switchcraft uses a fine knurl nut with 48 points, the imports use a coarse knurl nut with only 32 points or just a hex nut. "Switchcraft" will be stamped into the metal below the threads on the domestic switches. The smaller metric M3.5x0.6 threads are often found on switches enclosed in a rectangular metal box. Some Epiphone guitars have M3x0.5 threads just to confuse things a little further.

The tele®, telecaster® barrel switch tip is available as are the tapered switch covers for Fender strat®, Stratocaster® that use CRL 3-way and 5-way blade switches which are .052" (1.3mm) x .190" (4.8mm) x .310" (8mm). Wood Fender® switch tips also fit the EMG, Oak Grigsby and Tritan brand switches. Most Asian Strat and Tele copies with 3 and 5 way blade witches will use a narrow blade that's .050"(1.3mm) x .140" (3.6mm) x .3" (7.7mm) long.

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