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All export of true rosewood parts beyond the US borders is suspended indefinitely. These include Brazilian rosewood, East Indian rosewood, African blackwood kingwood, tulipwood and cocobolo.


This order form is for custom, wooden, "soapbar", wood P-90 covers. There are slight variations in pickups from one brand to the next and from one era to another. Gibson® pickups used 1.935" (49.15 mm) pole spacing and .280" (7 mm) corner radius at the neck and bridge. Many other pickups seem to be 50 mm spaced (1.969") at both neck and bridge and come with a 1/4" (6.3 mm) corner radius. Please indicate your pickup make from this list:

Better yet, you can send me the original cover(s) to measure and copy and I will return them ASAP with your completed order. I don't currently make "dog-ear" P-90 covers or their spacers but I will if you need me to.
  • A single P-90 cover, without tabs, is $90.
  • A pair of P-90 covers, without tabs, are $170 the pair.
  • A buffed high gloss finish adds a $30 surcharge per cover.

Wood choices:
holly white curly maple curly western maple
birdseye maple quilted maple maple burl
roasted maple ash cherry
cocobolo black limba curly koa
santos mahogany yellowheart pau ferro
claro walnut walnut burl curly walnut
zebrawood shedua Queensland maple
African blackwood purpleheart padauk
bloodwood bubinga East Indian rosewood
bocote wenge black ebony

If you would like me to use a different wood enter it here:

Special instuctions

Brief description of your instrument including body woods and/ or finish to be matched.

unfinished satin finish gloss finish
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