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Export of Brazilian rosewood is not legal without chain of custidy documentation and an export license neither of which I have. Sales within the USA are allowed.

Solid Knob selections
Pass the cursor over any small image to see it expanded in the center. Clicking on the wood's name underneath the small image will take you to the Paypal "Buy it now" page for that knob.

Indian rosewood* Maple burl Bubinga Yellowheart Cocobolo* Purpleheart
Amboyna burl Bocoté
Lyptus Kiaat
Ziricoté Wenge
Pink ivory Birdseye maple Redwood Burl Santos Padauk Buckeye burl
Zebrawood Curly maple Vera Wood Curly Koa Holly Lacewood
Curly walnut Pau-ferro Canarywood Afr. blackwood* Cherry Queensland maple

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